Achievement Mentoring (Queen Anne's County FY20 and beyond) - (Annual)

Story Behind the Curve

FY21: Children who have a parent, guardian, or loved one currently or formerly incarcerated may have a unique set of circumstances affecting them. Some children may have been subjected to adverse childhood experiences or trauma. In many cases the child's academic performance can be affected and they can fall behind their peers. The program offers mentoring which has been been proven to benefit participants in many ways. In QAC, students improve their school performance, their self esteem improves, and social connections or interactions improve.   

How We Impact

FY21: Mentoring provides tailored attention to each participant noting their individual strengths and struggles. Services are provided in accordance with AMP with students receiving consistent positive interactions with the mentor throughout the year (or longer).  The individual attention from a positve role model helps the student to grow and flourish. School grades reflect the positive impact the program makes and surveys and PMs demonstrate the program's effectiveness. 

Program Summary

FY21: A school-based intervention program for students in grades 2-8 who may have been impacted by the incarceration of a parent, caregiver, or loved one. Since the implementation of pandemic restrictions, the program has been meeting virtually with students from the county's Title I schools, Grasonville Elementary, Church Hill Elementary, Sudlersville Elementary, and Sudlersville Middle School. Affirming My Place (AMP) amplifys successful improvements in student participants (self, academic, social). Monthly newsletter to parents, biweekly program packets. 

Target Population
Data Discussion


FY22: HFY2 and annual program data is not available for the Better Off performance measures. There were no pre/post surveys conducted by which to measure positive personal changes, meeting goals towards grade and attendance, and reducing the impact of parental incarceration on children, youth, families, and communities. This is due to a vacancy in position created in the beginning of FY22 for the Achievement Mentor Coordinator. This position was hired in late winter, and although the new Coordinator is a great fit for the program, time was not on her side. The Local Management Board is working closely with the program to make sure that all components are being met for the upcoming fiscal year 2023.  

FY20: HFY1 and HFY2 data was not collected for the Achievement Mentoring Satisfaction Survey, due to this being a new coordinator she did not have the Survey tool developed until HFY2. During HFY2 she was getting ready to send the survey to all participants, but due to COVID-19 she was unable to travel to the Board of Education to print documents. She sent the Parent Satisfaction survey to three parents, as a pilot before sending to all participants in February 2020. Two households completed the survey and one survey was returned but it was incomplete. The goal setting post survey was not completed due to the Pandemic - so the goals could not be evaluated from pre/post. The program will work on this for FY 21, especially since COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted.

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