Interagency Liaison (St. Mary's County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Story Behind the Curve

HFY2 20:  

The vendor is the Public Schools so direct contact with students was not permitted.  They contacted their families telephonically and through other virtual means.  Additionally, because many of the youth they served work with other child serving agencies, like DJS and DSS, the Liaison continued to work with them to provide services to the families.  Additionally, the work assisted with meal deliveries and feeding programs to maintain contacts with the families
Program Summary

The educational liaison will engage with the court system, the school system, and other agencies to support families and youth identified due to their truancy or risk of truancy based upon factor such as parental incarceration, poverty, hospitalizations, etc. This position will work with the families to understand the services that are offered and how to access them.

Target Population

The target populations for this program are youth that are involved with the juvenile justice system, students that have been truant, or academically at risk of becoming truant. These youth are at risk of not completing their education and thusly earning less than their peers. The interagency liaison collaborates directly with the juvenile court system and other community agencies identifying and serving these students.

The final group of students targeted for interagency liaison services are students who are identified as habitually truant by the school counselors or pupil personnel workers.

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