After-School Programs (St. Mary's County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Program Summary

The After-School Program provides academic, social, and nutritional instruction and support. The program strives to build positive student-adult relationships that foster student engagement in school and encourage regular school attendance. Additionally, the program engages families by teaching children how to prepare healthy meals that they can share at home.

Target Population

Student in Title I schools will be recommended for the after-school programs by teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Recruitment efforts will be focused on students who qualify for the FARM program, particularly those who demonstrate academic and/or social skill difficulties. The target population will include youth from families who are/have been in Head Start and/or Judy Center programs. Additionally, special consideration for inclusion in the program will be given to students whose families are experiencing housing insecurity. There will be a second school added this year. Both schools will target 20 of students.

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FY 2022
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