Farming 4 Hunger (Caroline County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Story Behind the Curve
Program Summary


One the program is fully implemented, Farming 4 Hunger will be a comprehensive initiative that will grow fresh food to assist local families in need in Caroline County along with workforce development for incarcerated individuals from the local Department of Corrections. Our youth initiatives will reach into the classrooms of elementary, middle and high schools introducing students to healthy eating and healthy food choices as well as field trips from around the Eastern Shore to the farm offering experiential learning and team building addressing social and emotional challenges that our youth face.

Target Population


The main target population for this Program are students in grades K-12 from schools across Caroline County and the Eastern Shore.

A secondary population are incarcerated individuals who are screened and vetted by the Dept. of Corrections and Farming 4 Hunger.

Volunteers are also a large population that will be targeted.


Data Discussion


This program has met with setbacks after setbacks, beginning with the loss of the property in FY19/20 that was chosen for the program, a lease was signed in FY20 for a farm with 10 acres, that lease expires Dec. 31, 2021.  In FY20 the high tunnels were erected, an agreement for the work release of male and female inmates that are from Caroline County was made, schools were excited to start field trips, then Covid 19 hit and Detention Centers went on lock down and schools closed and reverted to virtual learning.  The program was pretty much halted.  In FY21 despite the school shut downs and the inmates on lock down 14 youth and adult volunteers reported to the farm to start planting crops, the ground was worked up and vegetables were planted, harvested foods were put into our school food services.  We were unable to start the youth programming due to the inmates being a major part of the programming.  The Program Coordinator continued to move forward with the project and seek out funding to purchase a farm that has been identified by the owner.  Although the HSC will not be providing funding in FY22 the President of Farming 4 Hunger has every intention of seeing this program through.  He realizes the need on the shore for what the program offers, it has been hugely successful in Southern MD and the intention for Caroline County is to provide the same successful program.

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