Tri-County Youth Services Bureau (Charles County FY17 and beyond-Annual)

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Group and family therapy is provided to the target population using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapies to address factors related to mental health, substance abuse, crisis, and suicide among youth. The Asset Development Model will be used as a framework for helping youth develop assets (or strengths) needed to prepare for adulthood by creating linkages to community resources that foster job readiness, employment, higher educations, and life skills development.

FY21: Youth Interventions & Engagement offers the "Ready for Life" program to assist opportunity youth, age 16-24 with life skills that prepare youth to have opportunities for employment and career readiness as well as connect them with a variety of resources (mental health, physical health, housing, etc.)

Target Population

Pre-delinquent and adjudicated youth and their families; disconnected youth (16-24 years unemployed and not in school) and their families.


FY21: Opportunity Youth in Charles County.

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