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2022 State of the County Health Report

Progress on CHIPs

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Mental Health/Substance Abuse/Domestic Violence

Some projects that we have started and continue currently are:

  • Drug take-back days: During these scheduled events, community members have voluntarily turned in more than 500,000 unused prescription medications and another 425 lbs. of illegal drugs, all of which were appropriately disposed of by law enforcement.
  • Physician trainings: MYSATF members have drawn upon a national model to train local physicians in the use of the Controlled Substance Registry. Additionally, MYSATF has facilitated roundtable discussions with health care providers about the risk of treating youth and adolescent sports injuries with opioids.
  • Free after-school programs: At-risk youth have access to positive role models and community activities through STAR (Students Taking Active Roles) in Mitchell County, the Cougar Fit Club in Yancey County, and the Youth to Youth Initiative in both counties.
  • Dissemination of materials: MYSATF is responsible for distributing Substance Use and Mental Health Resource Guides and safe drug disposal guidelines appropriate for community members in both counties.
  • Drug Lock Boxes: To date, MYSATF has distributed over 200 FREE medication lock boxes to to individuals, physicians, senior centers, and churches.
  • Drug Drop Boxes: Safely dispose of unused medication at one of 4 permanent drug drop boxes. We encourage you to leave medication in the original prescription bottle for the purpose of identifying the type of medication (please MARK OUT personal information on the label).
    • Yancy County Sheriff’s Office
    • Burnsville Town Hall
    • Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office
    • Spruce Pine Police Department

Access to Care/ Use of Services

Chronic Disease, Obesity, & Healthy Lifestyles   

Here are some examples of organizations and programs we currently host to keep families healthy, especially kids and teens in underinvested communities:

  • Offer healthier food and beverage choices overall. Schools can reduce or eliminate sugary beverage options and instead offer a variety of drinking water choices. They can also ensure that the food available on campus (in the cafeteria, snack machines, etc.) more closely matches US nutrition standards.
  • Educate students about healthy diets. Schools are arguably the best place for teaching kids about the many benefits of a whole food plant-based diet. Education centered around eating fewer processed foods and more produce can reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, provide fiber, reduce the risk of cancer—and help kids maintain a healthy weight.
  • Promote wellness and physical activity. In addition to offering high-quality physical education programs, schools can encourage wellness through PSA-style messaging and by designing school contests and challenges around exercise.
  • Encourage participation among low-income children and teens. After-school programs through the YMCA actively recruit students for participation, and may be able to waive fees for low-income students. This can help to keep students engaged, help them build new skills, increase their self-esteem, and live healthier lives.
  • Find creative ways to promote good health. After-school sports naturally encourage healthy physical activity, but can also teach athletes about how a healthy diet improves individual and team performance. Even non-sports-related activities and clubs can find creative ways to promote good eating habits and fun forms of exercise.


Significant/ Notable Changes in Morbidity and Mortality

The following represent significant morbidity and mortality changes in our community.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues still on the rise
  • Child Adverse Experiences are showing more than ever
  • Severe Housing Problems getting worse
  • Uninsured Rate of people in county rising

Emerging Issues Impacting Health

These are the new or emerging issues in our community in 2022 that were not identified as priorities in our CHA.

  • Lack of recreational facilities to accommodate youth league numbers
  • Lack of childcare and daycare options

New/ Paused/ Discontinued Initiatives/ Activities

The following is information on new/ paused/ discontinued initiatives or activities in our community in 2022:

  • New middle school coming in 2025
  • Existing parks being enhanced with new playground equipment, splash pads, Skate Park, and basketball goals.
  • New afterschool program for grades K-5th grade provides an opportunity to continue learning after school with homework help from staff and tutors, targeted reading and math activities, social-emotional learning, art projects, guest speakers, and other enrichment activities. The program provides physical activity daily to ensure your child is staying active, as well as a nutritious snack.

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