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Minority Diabetes Prevention Program

What We Do

The Minority Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) at Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) works with community members to facilitate lifestyle change classes that are based on PreventT2 Curriculum by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Before the class, the participants receive an A1C screening. The participants then work with the lifestyle coaches through ____ sessions over 1 year.  

MDPP also conducts diabetes prevention screening events, makes referrals to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES). 

Who We Serve

The MDPP program serves those in the community that is at least 18 years of age. The majority of those who participate are of underrepresented communities and qualify based on a blood test completed in the past year.  

How We Impact

Through marketing for prediabetes awareness and working closely with partnerships, the MDPP works with individuals to create lasting lifestyle changes that will positively impact the participants' health and wellbeing. 

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