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Employer Services: To increase employer engagement and career pathway partnerships in strategic industries

What We Do

A strong workforce system ensures that the business community/employers share real-time talent demands, including the skills and dispositions to be successful within current occupations, as well as the anticipated occupations of the future.  WSM works closely with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) for job-market analysis that identifies Montgomery County’s distinctive attributes and supply and demand dynamics.  Utilizing these metrics, we can provide the business community with the right talent so that all industry sectors can maintain a high level of economic competitiveness and growth. 

In addition to providing an analysis of labor market data, WSM has convened targeted industry focus groups. Utilizing their input, WSM has developed industry-focused career maps in the area of health care, information technology, and construction.  Additional career maps for transportation, hospitality, and life sciences occupations are in-development.  To address critical pipeline development in these and other career pathways, WSM has engaged Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, and The Universities at Shady Grove in formal collaboration agreements to create and implement innovative talent development projects.       

To further extend resources and efforts, WSM has been awarded multiple grants for enhancing talent development, through targeted career pathways programs aimed at closing the skills gap and mitigating barriers to employment. These pathway programs target participants that are underrepresented in the industry. Convening and creating opportunity for all necessitates the coordination of public and private-sector policies and programs that provide individuals the opportunity for a sustainable livelihood and supports employers’ goal achievement that is consistent with the societal context.

Who We Serve


To ensure quality service to employers and a new Business Solutions approach, consistent and frequent employer outreach and services are currently being provided. This approach is based on best practices and is designed to ensure internal system-wide alignment and external consistency when reaching out to employers.

WSM is engaging employers throughout their business life cycle, promoting strategic growth through career pathways and strong talent development. WDB views its Business Solutions approach as a key part of a comprehensive workforce development system. Strategic partnerships are critical partners in engaging employers in workforce development programs including DLLR, DORS, the Maryland Department of Commerce, Montgomery County Government, local chambers of commerce, economic development entities, industry associations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations and an outstanding system of college, university and training entities.

How We Impact

WSM continues to cultivate industry-sector partnerships using the following steps:

Convene industry-led capacity building groups

  • Determine current and future employment needs
  • Identify required skill sets for each career

Create training curriculums and work/learning experiences

  • Employability skills
  • Technical training
  • Work-learning opportunities (Earn while you learn)

Industry-led talent development projects

  • Training programs
  • Career awareness campaigns
  • Connection to pipeline—targeted recruitment efforts
  • Career pathway articulation

Outreach/Recruitment strategies

  • Pipeline Development (Community-Based Organization, MCPS, Higher Education Professional and Business Associations)
  • Incumbent worker training
  • Outreach/recruitment within region for immediate employment demands


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