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Employment Barrier Supports: To enhance community partnerships to better address employment barriers for most vulnerable residents

What We Do

WSM embraces the critical role of faith-based organizations and CBOs in serving the needs of individuals seeking assistance to help job seekers needs beyond job placement and training assistance. They provide services by connecting individuals and families to the resources including housing, medical, family support services and counseling services. They also serve as a focal point in communities and are trusted allies, individuals, and ethnic groups that do not know how to access AJC services. Over the next year, the WSM will be exploring the idea of utilizing these organizations to serve as possible access points.


Who We Serve

Enhancing partnerships serves all job-seekers in the County with multiple barriers to employment through coordinated services that range from income security to job accessibility such as childcare, transportation, and employability skill training.

How We Impact

Through strategic partnership, we are able to enhanced the quality of life for the job seeker and their families through out the county. 


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