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Triple P Parenting Intervention

What Is It?

Triple P is the Positive Parenting Program.  Clay County was asked to be involved in a grant from MAHEC Triple P to have individuals trained and accredited in Triple P to provide parents in Clay County with Positive Parenting skills.  Triple P is evidenced based and is meant to be used for any parent in the community who have children ages birth to elementary school age with certain behavior issues.  Triple P is an intervention that can be used in every day work to assist parents with positive parenting to assist with changes in their child's behavior while making positive changes in how parents parent their children. 


This is a new program intervention in our community.  It was seen as a need in our community based on the increase of children entering foster care.  The Triple P model is designed to help parents improve their parenting skills in order to better the behavior of their child.  When used effectively, parents change their parenting style in order to make improvements in their child's behavior.  The intervention focuses on positive reinforcement, rules, and consequences in the form of quiet time and time out.  


The priority population/customers for  Triple P is any parent in the community with a child or children ages birth to elementary school age, and Triple P aims to make a difference at the among parents with children with certain behavior issues.  This is county wide and any parent is eligible. Implementation will take place in the current year, 2019.  Because this intervention is new, referrals are what are needed at this time.  Plans are being discussed regarding advertising in the news paper and social media that Triple P is now offered to community members who seek help with parenting and who seek help with behaviors of their child.



The partners for Triple P include:




CCHD Michelle Moore Lead, Collaborate, Support
DSS Haven Phillips

Collaborate, Support

Chatuge Family Practice Miranda Kephart

Lead, Collaborate, Support



Work Plan

  • Support MAHEC as the administrator for The Triple P within Western Service Area and serve as a partner in supporting positive parenting in our region
  • Inform the Triple P Coordinator about Triple P events held within the agency and in the community at least quarterly
  • Work with Coordinators for best practice of provider selection and agency fit prior to training application
  • Support your agency’s selected Triple P Providers by allowing them to attend all training and accreditation process dates for which they were selected, prepare and study for accreditation, and complete the accreditation quiz
  • Ensure newly trained Triple P Providers begin using Triple P with families within one month of training and begin working toward their goal of families reached
  • Provide support for your agency’s accredited providers to successfully implement Triple P by allowing them to integrate Triple P into their current scope of work, permitting them to participate in peer support groups and coaching, collect and report data, and participate in additional Triple P-related activities as necessary
  • Submit de-identified data quarterly to Triple P Data Evaluator

                For Quarter 1: (1/1 - 3/31), data is due to Evaluator April 15th

                For Quarter 2: (4/1- 6/30), data is due to Evaluator July 15th

                For Quarter 3: (7/1- 9/30), data is due to Evaluator October 15th

                For Quarter 4: (10/1– 12/31), data is due to Evaluator January 15th

  • Utilize data feedback from Triple P Coordinators to inform peer support and coaching within agency
  • Promote the Triple P Program within your agency to all staff and potential clients and serve as a referral source to other Triple P providers
  • Commit selected Triple P Providers’ immediate supervisor to support internal agency Triple P management, data expectations, coaching and peer support

Providers attend at least 2 Peer Support Groups per quarter either within your agency

Evaluation & Sustainability

Evaluation Plan:

We plan to evaluate the impact of Triple P through the use of Triple P data collection.  The data collection will tell how many members of the community are receiving each type of intervention (Standard and Primary).  The data collected will also give outcomes.  Data collection is quarterly.  

Sustainability Plan:

Through different agency providing Triple P throughout Clay County this program will be sustainable and have a larger reach.  Those that have been trained work for the Clay County Health Department, Clay County Department of Social Services, and a local primary care clinic that have been trained in Triple P Primary and Triple P Standard catagories.  The school board members have been made aware of Triple P and have expressed interest and community need for this type of behavioral intervention for Clay County.


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