Strive to Thrive 2019-2020

What Is It?

Strive to Thrive, a community-wide wellness initiative, begins August 2019 and runs through August 2020. The health department will host learning sessions, hands on programming, nutrition classes, physical activity classes, and other ways to address the 7 areas of health. Participants will sign up for a point tracking system, and will have the opportunity to earn points for all that they do on their way to achieve whole health. Participants have the opportunity to win cash or other prizes for the steps that they have taken to improve themselves. The health department will check in with participants and provide that extra bit of encouragement that they will need. Strive to Thrive was identified by the wellness team as an an action that - when combined with other actions in our community - has a reasonable chance of making a difference in reducing chronic disease in our community. This is a new program in our community.

The priority population/customers for Strive to Thrive are anyone 18 years or older who wants to take control of their health, our older at-risk population who may not have control of health issues, and our low income population who cannot afford a whole health wellness program.  Strive to Thrive aims to make a difference at the individual level. Implementation will take place at the Clay County Health Department starting August 3rd along side the community health fair. ChallengeRunner will be the main platform that is used to track daily/weekly/monthly activities, which will determine how many points a participant will acquire.

  • Strive to Thrive looks at 7 areas of wellness:
    • Environmental: Environmental health is more than just litter and pollution. Environmental health also looks at the safety of your home, access to running water, electricity, fire and carbon monoxide detectors and radon mitigation systems. By participating in this program you will be able to receive FREE alarm systems and other goodies that will help you create a safe environment for you and your family!
    • Financial: Are you ready for retirement? Do you know the difference between a Roth IRA and a 401K? Have you always wanted to know about how to budget your money and plan  for emergencies? Participants in this program will have the chance to hear from professionals about how to relieve the stress that money matters can cause in your everyday life.
    • Physical: Participants will be signed up in Challenge Runner, an app that will help you track your goals and give you challenges to help you get in better physical shape. Group classes will be held for FREE, and includes activities for ALL AGES in a safe environment to prevent injury. Special bonus and perks are in store for those that utilize the county rec gym!
    • Intellecttual: Have you ever wondered how you can get information on something you wanted to learn more about? Did you realize that even reading a book can help keep your brain healthy? Participants will have a chance to learn new activities and get points toward their total health tracking for activities that help stimulate your brain!
    • Occupational: If you have signed up as a business or an organization, the Clay County Health Department will assist you in policy production, safety checks and can lead group classes on safety and harm reduction. We can also provide information to all of your staff about how the health department can serve your employees from the nursing clinic, to the dental clinic, and through traditional public health programs.
    • Social: Are you in healthy relationships and friendships? Can you communicate with your children in a way that is effective? Social health is tied to mental health in many ways. As a participant you will be able to have special access to classes that will have you surrounded with those that also are wanting to improve themselves. BUILT IN SUPPORT GROUPS! Parenting classes, life-skills, and networking opportunities are just around the corner.
    • Spiritual: For some people it is church, for some others finding spiritual peace could be out on the lake fishing. Whatever your preference, these times when we can bring peace to our souls counts towards wellness! Taking time for yourself can translate to points to win cash!

The partners for Strive to Thrive include:




CCHD Alex Gilpin




Wellness Committee  

Target Population



Work Plan


Resources Needed 

Agency/Person Responsible 

Target Completion Date 

 Creation of wellness committee         



March 2019

Creation of marketing materials

Funding From MountainWise


June 2019

Ad in the paper x 2

Funding from  MountainWise


End of July 2019

Create ChallengeRunner account (annual fee) Funding from MountainWise CCHD July 2019
Create all challenges (daily/weekly/monthly) N/A CCHD July 2019
Community Health Fair/Start program Community Venders CCHD August 3, 2019
Pre Assessements for participants  Funding from MountainWise CCHD August 3, 2019
Data entry for participants N/A CCHD August 2020
Mid assessments blood pressure and tanita scale N/A CCHD February 2020
August Essential Oil Lesson Presenter CCHD August 22, 2019
September Financial lunch and learn Presenter CCHD/bank Septmber 19,2020
April Advanced directive presentation Presenter, notary, lawyer, 5 wishes documentation CCHD April 2020
End Strive to Thrive last blood work     August 1, 2020
Begin 2020-2021 Strive to Thrive     September 2021
Searching for additional funding   CCHD May 2020


Evaluation & Sustainability

Evaluation Plan:

We plan to evaluate the impact of Strive to Thrive through the use of Results-Based AccountabilityTM to monitor specific performance measures. We will be monitoring How Much, How Well and/or Better Off Performance Measures. Our evaluation activities will be tracked in the Work Plan table, above. During the year long program data will be gathered and stored through excel and challengeRunner to determine average success of performance measures.  

Sustainability Plan:

The following is our sustainability plan for Strive to Thrive: 

  • Sustainability Component:
    • Currently funded by an outside agency
    • Will be looking for additional funders for future 

Strive to Thrive will be using program performance measures to ensure ongoing effectiveness and demonstrate successes to funders and other key stakeholders, communicating and engaging diverse community leaders and organizations, identifying champions who strongly support the program, establishing a consistent financial base for the program, providing adequate staffing, increasing community awareness on the issue and demonstrating the value of the program to the public. 

Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
HY2 2020
Scorecard Result Container Indicator Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy