Substance Use Programs

What We Do

The Department of Health Division of Substance Use Programs is made of many programmatic elements that collectively prevent and eliminate the problems caused by alcohol and drug misuse. Our mission is to prevent, reduce and eliminate the problems caused by alcohol and drug use.  Strategies used by the various substance use programs include education, prevention, treatment, and recovery. The programs also collaborate with healthcare providers, community partners, and people with lived experience to end stigma and increase opportunities for treatment and recovery. 

Some of the specific programs and activities, many of them jointly implemented with valuable partners, include:

  • ParentUpVT
  • Prevention Consultants
  • Do Your Part
  • Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program
  • Community Coalitions
  • Hub & Spoke System of Care
  • Recovery Centers
  • School-based Substance Abuse Services
Who We Serve

We serve all Vermonters of all ages, not only those who are directly experiencing substance misuse or directly serving them. We provide prevention services to those of all ages, intervention services to those misusing substances, treatment services to those with substance use disorders, and recovery services to any Vermonter needing support to sustain healthy behaviors. We also support people, organizations, and entire communities working to reduce substance misuse in Vermont through funding, media and promotion campaigns, and coalition building.

How We Impact

Substance Use Programs:

  • Improve access to prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services to address substance use in Vermont.
  • Increase understanding of substance use disorders.
  • Employ evidence-based practices and strategies.
  • Fund services, provide technical assistance and encourage collaboration in communities.

Together with population indicators, the following performance measures focus on whether Vermonters are better off as a result of this program. They do so by looking at the quality and efficiency of these programs and services.

Budget Information

This program includes the entire appropriation #342006000


 FY22 Actual

 FY23 Projected

 FY24 Governor Recommended

 Substance Use Programs




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