Children, Youth & Families (C&F)

What We Do

The vision for Child, Adolescent and Family Services is for all children and families to be emotionally healthy. Our mission is to assure timely delivery of effective prevention, early intervention, and behavioral health treatment and supports through a family-centered system of care for all children and families in Vermont. The Child, Adolescent, and Family Unit at the Department of Mental Health works closely with its network of Designated Agencies and one Specialized Service Agency. This sytem of agencies provide services that such as prevention, early intervention and community consultation, family supports, clinical assessment and treatment, immediate response acute care, and intensive residential placements.

Who We Serve

The Department of Mental Health, under the authority of the Commissioner of Mental Health and contracts with designated public or private non-profit agencies, assures planning and coordination of services “needed to assist children and adolescents with or at risk for a severe emotional disturbance.” However, services are for any child, adolescent, or family who are seeking support.

How We Impact
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