P5 - OH is a Sustainable, Vibrant and Innovative Organisation Accountable To Its Communities

Who We Serve

The Otara Health Charitable Trust Board and Employees

What We Do

Otara Health's new direction focuses on improving outcomes for families. We aim to ensure appropriate capability, infrastructure and policies are in place to support a collective impact approach to address social change and partnering with communities to inform service design.

  • 5.1 We will grow and develop our people
  • 5.2 We will deliver quality services
  • 5.3 We will make an actual difference - create traction and measure outcomes
  • 5.4 We will strengthen our ability to gather insights and evidence
  • 5.5 We will improve communication so we can help to tell the community's and Otara Health's compelling success stories
  • 5.6 We will implement a financial and business sustainability plan
  • 5.7 We will implement a culture of continuous improvement
  • 5.8 We will strengthen business and technology processes
Current Actual Value
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