P3 - Otara's Families Live, Learn, Work and Play in Healthy Sustainable Environments

Who We Serve

Families currently enrolled and referred, who are concerned about their environments.

What We Do

We work to apply an environmental focus that is about providing healthy sustainable communities for Otara families.

  • 3.1 The organisation will identify the priority issues and concerns communities have about the areas, in which they live, learn, work and play
  • 3.2 We will facilitate, advocate and or deliver initiatives that improve healthy sustainable housing for Otara families
  • 3.3 We will understand local government development strategies, and where applicable ensure a co-ordinated approach for community participation in future decision making
  • 3.4 We will connect with, link up and join organisations developing improved healthy sustainable environmental solutions for Otara, including a revitalised Town Centre
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