P1 - Improved Health and Wellbeing Outcomes for Families

Who We Serve

Otara Health programme users and those referred to us.

What We Do

We work to ensure our programmes are targeted towards the health and wellbeing of families.

  • 1.1 Communities will be included in the decision making of programme development to ensure our services meet community needs.
  • 1.2 Existing programmes will be reviewed to ensure they align to the new direction of families at the centre of our work
  • 1.3 The organisation will continue to remain outcome-focused, therefore every programme, current and new, is developed to improve outcomes for family
  • 1.4 Staff will monitor and evaluate programme effectiveness so the organisation can produce evidence to show how our services affect positive change for families
  • 1.5 We value the community voice so programme participants will contribute to the evaluation process, and the common feedback themes incorporated into future decision-making
  • 1.6 As health and social support systems become increasingly complicated we will help families get the best results from these services
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