Strengthening Families Child Care

What We Do

Strengthening Families Child Care provides grants to 28 community child care programs throughout Vermont to ensure affordable access to high quality comprehensive early care and education and afterschool programs for children and families challenged by economic instability and other environmental risk factors.

Who We Serve

These grants serve:

  • Children/families eligible for and participating in the CDD Child Care Financial Assistance Program (at least 25% of enrolled children).
  • Children/families who are receiving specialized child care services: including children with an open case with the Family Services Division of the Department for Children and Families (including foster children), children in families participating in Reach Up, refugee children and teen parents.
How We Impact

The following impacts on intended by these grants:

  • Documented use of the Center for Social Policy Strengthening Families Program Assessment tool through submission of outcomes and related program plan.
  • Continuity of care improves as measured by attendance records and compared to participants in CCFAP including specialized care in other non Strengthening Families programs.
  • 70% of parents report positive family experiences (protective factors) as part of their overall experience of having an enrolled child in the program.
Budget Information

Strengthening Families Child Care

FY22 Actual

FY23 Projected

FY24 Governor Recommended

Program Budget



$1,110,000 (not final)


Current Actual Value
Current Target Value
% Change
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HY1 2021
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