Choices for Care - Moderate Needs Program (CFC MNG)

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What We Do

The Choices for Care Moderate Needs Program is an option for individuals who may not meet nursing home level of care but require some services to assist them to remain independent in their home, preventing a more intense level of service.  Services may include case management, homemaker, adult day, flexible funds.

Who We Serve

We serve Vermonters 18 years of age or older who meet both clinical and financial eligibility criteria and have a functional limitation resulting from a physical condition including stroke, dementia, TBI, and similar conditions or associated with aging.

How We Impact

The Choices for Care program provides a full array of long-term services and supports for older Vermonters and adults with physical disabilities. The Choices for Care program supports Vermonters to live in the setting of their choice, pursuing their individual goals and preferences within their chosen communities.

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