Promotora/Latino Outreach Mental Health Family Resource Center of Truckee

How We Impact

The Family Resource Center of Truckee (FRCoT) was conceived in August 2001 by a group of public and private agencies, community parents and advocates for the underserved populations in the Truckee area. Our mission is to promote social and economic success by providing education, mobilizing resources and advocating for change. We are a one-stop resource center for underserved families and individuals in our community — providing concrete support and safety-net services in times of need.

What We Do

The 6-8 week mental health workshops are led by Promotoras using the curriculum in “En Mi Familia Empieza el Mundo” or "In My Family the World Begins". The main goals of the workshops are to decrease stigma and improve connectivity to services. Promotoras engage the groups of 6-10 members in a hands-on arts or craft activity to build trust among the members. This is a “soft approach” to entering into mental health conversations led by the Promotoras. Promotoras are trained in “Know the Signs” (of suicide) and “Mental Health First Aid" and are trained in providing referrals for mental health support and other services. Mental Health referrals include:

  • Sierra Mental Wellness Support Group
  • Nevada County Behavioral Health, which has a Spanish speaking provider
  • Consulting bilingual therapists and peer counselors who meet with clients at the FRC
  • Gateway Mountain Center

Who We Serve

The workshops are small groups of 6-10 Spanish Speaking Community members

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