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Medicaid's Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI)

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What We Do

The Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI) provides holistic, intensive and short-term case management services to Vermont residents enrolled in Medicaid, including dually eligible members. VCCI works with non- ACO members identified using claims-based methodology and members identified by health care providers and community partners in need of complex care management. VCCI case managers are also welcoming new members to Medicaid, by outreaching and asking questions about primary care provider, health conditions and other supports that would assist them in maintaining or improving their health as well as housing, food and safety. The VCCI team works to connect members with medical homes, community-based self- management programs, and local care management teams.

The VCCI utilizes common tools and processes adopted by the local community care teams as part of the complex care model to include eco mapping, identification of lead care coordinator, facilitating care teams, and shared care plan development.

Licensed case managers trained in the complex care model, deliver services in communities throughout the state.

How We Impact

The VCCI case managers are community based; and are stationed within the communities they live in. They work closely with their community health care and social service providers; collaboratively working with each other and the member on the member identified priorities. The case managers are closely linked with their AHS Field Directors – which has proven vital when working with members that may be involved with DCF, DOC, DMH, DAIL, and VDH. VCCI case managers meet with members in varied locations- homes, PCP offices, homeless camps, hospitals, shelters- successfully engaging members that have been historically ‘hard to find’.

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