Blueprint for Health

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What We Do

The Vermont Blueprint for Health is a state-led, nationally-recognized initiative that helps health care providers meet the medical and social needs of people in their communities. The Blueprint’s aim is constant: better care, better health, and better control of health care costs.

The Blueprint encourages initiatives to support and improve health care delivery. It promotes innovative initiatives aimed at improving health outcomes, increasing preventive health approaches, addressing quality of life concerns, and increasing access to quality care through patient-centered medical homes and community health teams.

Who We Serve

The Vermont Blueprint for Health serves all Vermonters.

How We Impact

The activities of the Blueprint serve as the foundation for strengthening primary care and expanding the ACO programs. This initiative is especially focused on building the links between community and medical services, so that patients have better coordinated care across the spectrum of services.

Together the following performance measures focus on whether Vermonters are better off as a result of this program. They do so by looking at the quality and efficiency of these programs and services.

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