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HIV Program

What We Do

The HIV testing program provides anonymous counseling and testing -- but not treatment -- on an appointment only basis. Services are provided at no charge to persons age 12 and over.  Current testing methods are extremely accurate for the detection of HIV antibodies in the body. Most people will develop HIV antibodies within 90 days of exposure. It is recommended that you wait 90 days after exposure before testing to have a valid result. Testing done before 90 days is considered "baseline" and may need to be repeated. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for HIV testing, or have additional questions, please call (586) 465-8434.

Who We Serve

HIV counseling and testing services are provided at no charge to persons age 12 and over.

How We Impact

Free HIV counseling and testing, education and outreach efforts at community events and referrals for clients who need additional follow up services.


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