Balanced and Restorative Justice Program (BARJ)

What We Do

The BARJ program is an arm of the youth justice system that provides support to youth who are at-risk for involvement in the justice system, or have been adjudicated and may or may not be on probation with DCF - Family Services.  The primary goal of the BARJ program is to support youth involved in, or at risk of becoming involved in the justice system by providing restorative interventions that reduce or eliminate further involvement in the system.

Who We Serve

BARJ serves youth who are at risk of becoming involved with the justice system, have been adjudicated or truant from school.

How We Impact

The purpose of this contract is to provide restorative services that focus on accountability and competency development of the youth, and community safety, while including the victims and the community in repairing the harm caused.  The Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) program is successful because it offers a variety of supports and services that vary depending on the individual needs of the youth and family.  The BARJ program works with youth to support them in:

  • Building upon their protective factors; 
  • Building upon their self-regulation in natural settings; and
  • Not committing new offenses.
Budget Information

FY22 Actual

FY23 Projected

FY24 Governor Recommended

Program Budget



$1,569,051 (not final)


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