Policy Unit

What We Do

Primary Functions of the Medicaid Policy Unit

  • Oversight and Coordination of Vermont's Global Commitment to Health 1115 Demonstration Waiver
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Medicaid Administrative Rulemaking
  • Policy Research and Analysis
  • Administration of:
    • 1115 Global Commitment to Health Waiver
    • Medicaid State Plan
    • Global Commitment Register
    • PBR (Policy, Budget, Reimbursment) Process
Who We Serve

The Medicaid Policy unit serves all of AHS in the policy development and implementation of the Vermont Medicaid program. Additionally, the Unit serves broader external stakeholders including the Vermont Legislature, Vermont Legal Aid, Vermont’s Congressional Delegation, the Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Board, Vermont’s Medical Society, and the Vermont Hospitals Association to both navigate and improve on Medicaid policy statewide.

How We Impact

The Medicaid Policy Unit works to ensure that DVHA and other AHS departments administer the Medicaid program in compliance with federal and state regulations. Additionally, the Policy Unit works with AHS staff and other public and private partners to develop and implement effective Medicaid policy aimed at advancing the agency’s goals of improving access and quality while reducing overall costs.

Action Plan

SFY22 priorities are:

  • 1115 Waiver Renewal and Implementation
  • HCBS Enhance FMAP Spending Plan and Implementation
  • HCBS system of care
  • Katie Beckett process improvement
  • HCAR rulemaking
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