Member and Provider Services (MPS) Unit: Transportation and Provider Teams

What We Do

The Transportation Team ensures members have access to appropriate healthcare for their medical, dental, and mental health needs.  The Green Mountain Care Member Support Center contractor is the point of initial contact for members’ questions and concerns.  The team oversees the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for members enrolled in Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur programs.  The Transportation Team oversees and monitors NEMT, issuing policies and procedures to coincide with changing circumstances and federal and state directives.  NEMT is a statewide service for providing transportation for eligible members to and from necessary, non-emergency medical services. It is provided through a contract between the State of Vermont, Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) and the Vermont Public Transportation Association (VPTA).

The Provider Team monitors the adequacy of the Green Mountain Care (GMC) network of providers and ensures that members are served in accordance with managed care requirements. 

Please note that in the Fall of 2020 the former Coordination of Benefits (COB) Unit (now re-named the Casualty Recovery & Third Party Liability Teams) and the Provider Member Relations (PMR) Unit merged and became the Member Provider Services (MPS) Unit.  They are displayed separately in this scorecard due to their different lines of work.

Who We Serve

The Tranportation and Provider Teams serves members enrolled in Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur programs, as well as all Providers enrolled with Vermont Medicaid.  The teams also serve internal stakeholders such as DXC, Division of Aging and Independent Living, as well as other departments within the Agency of Human Services.

How We Impact

The Transporation and Provider Teams work with members of Vermont Medicaid to ensure that they have access to covered services as well as ensuring that the provider community is actively engaged with DVHA.

Action Plan

SFY21 priorities are:

  • Ensuring members are receiving all federal programs they are eligible for, including pharmaceutical assistance, and that Medicaid members understand the Medicaid program (and their benefits).
  • Engaging with providers to improve participation with the Medicaid program, and increase access for Medicaid members.
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