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Healthy Families (Queen Anne's County FY18 and beyond)

What We Do

Healthy Families has successfully provided personalized care to new or expectant parents in Queen Anne's County. Healthy Families offers in-home visits to program participants where they review immunization schedules, developmental stages, self-care, bonding, resource access, and much more. Involvement in this program provides parents with the knowledge to build parenting and personal skills and directly effects child maltreatment by showing parents how to successfully navigate childcare and parenthood.

Story Behind the Curve

FY18. Healthy Families is actively serving 44 out of 48 families indicated in the data. There were four families who have moved out of the service area, two families that decided to exit the program and two families that graduated from the program. There were five births for this quarter for Queen Anne's County. Four out of the five births were at a healthy birth weight and gestational age.

FY19 Healthy Families is actively serving thirty-nine families of the forty-three families, however, four families enrolled chose not to stay engaged. There were twelve births in the second half of the quarter, and eleven had a healthy birth weight, gestational age and one of the birhts was a substance exposed newborn.

In FY20 the COVID-19 Pandemic severly affected operations of many programs being offered throughout the county. Operations were unfortunately required to come to a halt, temporarily, while mandatory social distancing was put into place and home visits were required to stop. After a few weeks however, program providers were able to begin virtual visits with program participants to ensure expectant mothers and new mothers were receiving the necessary information and supplies. Program providers compiled 'care packages' which they door dropped at the homes and later reviewed the components of via virtual meetings with the parent(s). Although this was a new process it was a necessary adaptation to adhere to local, state, and national guidance while still serving local parents relying on these services. Providers reached the targeted goals and helped families to thrive.

In FY21 operations were eventually able to resume to in-home visits, while a small number occurred via virtual meeting methods. Many families participating in the program reported prolonged struggles as a result of the pandemic and its effects. Certain services remained unavailable or were discontinued, others were difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, the program continued and offered services, provided referrals, and assisted the designated target number of participants. 

FY22- program providers reported a data breach at their facility and as a result were unable to provide report data regarding specific numbers and demographics. This technical issue did not affect program operations, as home visits occurred as usual. Providers were just recently able to report half year fiscal information and scorecard data has been updated. Already at the half year mark, the program has seen 15 of its overall target of 20 families in the county. 


Nicole Chase-Powell, Program Director and staff continue to work with Queen Anne's County partners and attend meetings to support the efforts of this county. The partners include but are not limited to: Judy Center, Health Department, hospitals and OBGYNs, Department of Social Services Multi-Disciplinary Team, Early Childhool Advisory Council, Family Support Center, Child Fatality Review Team and Infant Mortality Review Team, CommUNITY Mentoring, Chesapeake Helps and Maryland Coalition of Families.

What Works

Personalized care and assistance from professionals has worked to promote a healthy and safe home environment for the expected infant or young child. Families enrolled in the program receive prenatal care and continued healthcare for the child and the parent. The program works to encourage the parent(s) to parent the child comfortably and in accordance with recommended standards of care. Providers teach parents certain parenting skills and methods to help promote development and bonding. Surveys given to participants show satisfaction with the services, and providers report children to be receiving standard healthcare, and continued improvement in overall wellness. Reports indicate program participants more likely to continue to at least one year of college and/or report a re/connection to employment as compared to non-participants.  



Healthy Families is a home-visiting program that provides long-term voluntary support services to families from the prenatal period until their child enters a full-time educational setting, usually between the ages of three to five.  It is a two-generational approach strategy, monitoring the parents and children, serving families affected by incarceration in Queen Anne's County.

Who We Serve


Serve up to 20 families with the following eligibility criteria: Families from the prenatal period until their child enters a full-time educational setting, usually between the ages of three to five; and must have been impacted by a parental or caregiver's incarceration.

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Data Discussion

2-24-22 HFY1 2022: Queen Anne's County Department of Health's data was restored this week. Vendor was able to submit their report to the QAC LMB.

Of note, the number of families served has decreased from previous years from 40 to 20. To date, the Healthy Families program has served 15 families, or 75% of the targeted number for FY22. Home visits are down as well, in part due to the decrease in number of families served, but also because staff and family participants suffered from COVID during the first half of the year at some point or another. The Healthy Families Parenting Inventory (HFPI) Tool was administered to families quarterly to measure reaching or maintaining the target range (target range is a score of 3 or better on a scale of 1-5) for "Use of Community Resources." The Participation Satisfaction Survey will be administered at the end of the year. 88% of primary caregivers without a high school degree or equivalent nor employed at enrollment in Healthy Families enrolled in school/training, maintained continous enrollment in, or completed a high school degree or equivalent, or became employed and maintained continous employment after enrollment in Healthy Families. 15 participants completed the post survey. 3 of those surveyed (20%) reported an improved attitude/outlook for communication, family stability, or resources available during incarceration; 3 of those surveyed (20%) reported increased communication, family stability, maintenance of familial connections, or support in reunification. For the first half of the year, all of the participants served are of the Hispanic/Latino population. Finally, for the first half of FY22, there were no substance-exposed newborns reported.

2-18-22 HFY1 2022: The Queen Anne's County Department of Health suffered a data breach in October of 2021. They have been unable to provide us with data for their performance measures for the first half of the fiscal year, and have not been able to bill for expenses for that time period as well. The QAC Community Partnerships for Children has been in touch with the vendor every couple of weeks to touch base and to see if they have had their data restored. 

Family Support Workers conduct home visits, either weekly or quarterly, and depending on each individual Family Plan. The Life Skills Progression Tool is administered to families quarterly to measure reaching or maintaining the target range (target range is a score of 3 or better on a scale of 1-5) for "Use of Community Resources." A Participation Satisfaction Survey is administered annually to help the Healthy Families program to determine satisfaction with program services.


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