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P008: Division of Health Improvement/Health Certification Licensing and Oversight (FY17-FY19 Strategic Plan)

What We Do

The Division of Health Improvement (DHI) plays a critical role on improving the health outcomes and ensuring the safety of New Mexicans. DHI ensures that healthcare facilities, community based Medicaid waiver providers and community support services deliver safe and effective healthcare and community services in accordance with laws, regulations, and standards of practice.

Who We Serve

DHI works closely with key stakeholders to promote and protect the health, safety, and quality of life of New Mexicans. Our stakeholders include executive and legislative policy makers; providers; facilities and contractors; other state, local, and federal government agencies; advocacy groups; professional organizations; provider associations; various task forces and commissions; and the tax paying public at large.

How We Impact

Key DHI enforcement activities include: conducting various health and safety surveys for both: facilities and community-based programs; conducting investigations of alleged abuse, neglect, exploitation, death or environmental hazards, and processing over 44,000 caregiver criminal history screenings annually.


FY17 OPERATING BUDGET: $13,039,400

  • General Funds: $4,421,800
  • Other Transfers: $4,188,800
  • Federal Funds: $2,517,000
  • Other State Funds: $1,911,800


During FY17, some of DHI's accomplishments were:

  • General Division Accomplishments
    • Completed its website upgrade and migration to The updated DHI website is more user friendly and simpler to find key resources and information.
  • Community Programs:  Incident Management Bureau
    • The Incident Management Bureau (IMB) successfully completed five objectives for disengagement with Jackson litigation requirements.
  • Health Facility and Licensing:  District Operations Bureau
    • Completed its first year of customer service feedback surveys from nursing homes. This information has helped DHI develop a culture change resulting in a greater “Customer Service Focus," in better cooperation with surveyors on survey, and more letters of commendation to surveyors for their friendly and professional attitude.
    • DHI has made significant improvement in the time to complete and distribute long-term care facilities survey reports of deficiencies. Over 90% of reports are issued within 10 days of exit during the fourth quarter.
    • All long-term care surveyors are receiving training on the various electronic medical record systems used in nursing homes. Training has allowed survey teams to navigate these systems in a more efficient way reducing onsite survey time.
  • Health Facility and Licensing:  Program Operations Bureau
    • DHI is on track to complete all federally required Tier I, II, and III surveys and will be moving on to complete more of the Tier IV workload.

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