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Budget information

Home Share Now Grants:

SFY2019     SFY2018    SFY2017    SFY2016

$147,223    $147,223   $147,223   $147,223  

MCO Investment Expenditures for both homesharing programs: includes indirect allocations to GC MCO (per DAIL business office):  

SFY2019 Plan   SFY2018 est.    SFY2017 actual  SFY2016 actual

$342,000          $341,000          $340,882           $339,966

What We Do

Home Share Now facilitates mutually beneficial homeshare matches.  Home Share Now’s matching process includes in-person interviews, housing and personal references, employment verification, background screenings, facilitated introductions, a trial period, and written agreements.  Home Share Now provides conflict coaching, problem solving, facilitation, written agreements, and mediation for the duration of the match.  As of October 31, 2019, Home Share Now is closing.  Consumers of Home Share Now will have the option to continue to receive services through HomeShare Vermont's expanded service area.

Who We Serve

Home Share Now serves Vermonters in Washington and Orange Counties and a few outlying towns. Most people sharing their homes (hosts) are seniors or persons with disabilities, and many people looking for housing (guests) are financially challenged by market rents or are in a housing transition. 

How We Impact

Home Share Now:

  • Helps make housing more affordable for Vermonters   
  • Helps older Vermonters and Vermonters with disabilities stay in their own homes
  • Helps improve the quality of life for homesharing participants, who report that they feel safer, less lonely, eat better, and feel healthier
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