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Vermont Department of Health - Maternal & Child Health Programs


What We Do

Schools, school nurses and local communities are important partners for improving health outcomes for Vermont’s school-aged children. The Health Department values opportunities to collaborate with school personnel and statewide education leadership – and we are committed to strengthening relationships with schools, and assisting communities with these efforts.

We promote the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and ASCD’s, Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. This model can be used by school and community partners to improve population health and academic achievement outcomes. Working closely with the Agency of Education, we recommend using the WSCC model to reach the goals outlined in school continuous improvement plans and wellness policies – and integrating it into a multi-tiered system of supports.

The Health Department also works in partnership with schools to develop and implement the Standards of Practice: School Health Services Manual. This resource provides guidance to school administrators and school nurses in the developing, implementing and evaluating school health services.

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Who We Serve

All Vermont school-age children and their families.

How We Impact

Schools and their communities play a key role in helping to establish lifelong healthy behaviors, and thereby improving health outcomes for Vermont's school-aged children. A growing body of evidence is also demonstrating the link between good health and academic achievement.

The Health Department values opportunities to collaborate, coordinate, and integrate with local school leaders and personnel, statewide education leadership, primary care providers, and other community partners to achieve our common goals of improving health and academic outcomes. We are committed to strengthening relationships with schools, and providing resources to assist communities with these efforts.

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