Turning Point

Agency Mission

Turning Point has the social responsibility to respond to the needs of victims of domestic violence by providing shelter, counseling and general support services and to identify and confront the causes of domestic violence.        

What We Do

Turning Point provides victims/survivors of domestic violence and their children with safe, secure, temporary shelter in a comfortable atmosphere. The shelter is designed to meet the victims’ physical needs by providing housing, food, clothing and personal items, as well as their emotional needs through support services. The shelter also features  designated rooms for male victims. When possible, families are provided with their own rooms with bathroom, while other areas such as the living and dining room and kitchen are shared. The shelter is also handicapped accessible.

Who We Serve

We serve anyone regardless of gender who have been victims of domestic violence. We also serve the children of domestic violence victims who enter the shelter. 

Success Stories

Sometimes success stories have many different stages. Maria and her 3-year-old son have been through a lot of trauma.  Maria is undocumented even though she has been in this country since the age of 10.  Her husband is extremely physically abusive but is a legal citizen and holds it over her head that if she tells anyone what is going on, she will be deported. After an extremely violent incident, law enforcement brought Maria and her son to Turning Point’s door and issued an arrest warrant for her husband.  He is still on the run. While in shelter, Maria’s goals to become self-sufficient are much different than other residents.  Turning Point referred her to pro-bono attorney that has been helping her with obtaining a specialized VISA for immigrants who are victims of domestic violence.  She has a verbal approval!  Once she actually has the VISA, she can quit worrying about being deported and begin working on becoming self-sufficient.  Maria and her son will probably be with Turning Point for a long time…. but that’s part of her successes! 

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