Local Care Team Coordination (Anne Arundel) - Annual

Program Summary

Local Care Teams are designed to support individuals and/or families in accessing services and other community supports, particularly those who present with complex issues not easily addressed by one agency or service provider. Each team meets one to two times each month depending on the number of referrals received.

Target Population

Anne Arundel County has five teams, four of which are operated by the LMB serving different, unique target populations:

  • Community Resource Initiative/Care Team (CRICT) - Core team that serves families with school-aged children
  • Early Childhood CRICT - Team serving families with children birth to 5 that have developmental disabilities or delays, or a complex healthcare need
  • BRICKET - Bricks and Mortar CRICT team serving homeless families
  • VS CARES Team - Victims Services CRICT for victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and/or sex trafficking
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