Prevent and reduce the negative impacts of alcohol and drug misuse

Why Is This Important?

The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) of the Vermont Department of Health was established to help Vermonters prevent, reduce and/or eliminate alcohol and other drug related problems (33 V.S.A., Section 706). In partnership with other public and private organizations, ADAP plans, funds, manages, and evaluates a comprehensive, consistent, and effective system of substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services. (ADAP's mission)

ADAP aims to create an accountable, community‐based system of services and supports that empowers Vermonters to embrace resiliency, wellness and recovery by becoming active participants in self‐management. This system includes the entire range of services from prevention through recovery and will be composed of a continuum of timely, interconnected and coordinated components with multiple entry points. (ADAP's vision)

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