100% of our students who graduate from TTUSD are ready for college

Why Is This Important?

A college degree or other career technical credential provides students with greater knowledge and critical thinking skills, access to a wider range of career choices, greater earning power, and a better understanding of our community, nation and the world. A better-educated society is also linked to lower crime rates and better health.

How are we doing?

A higher percentage of students at TTUSD complete CSU/UC requirements and take the SAT when compared to Placer County or California. In 2012, 49% of TTUSD students scored above 1,500 on the SAT, comparable to the statewide average, but 14% lower than county averages. However, with the considerably higher percentage of TTUSD students completing the SAT, the lower average score would be expected.

TTUSD high school counselors place a high level of importance on individual meetings with students and their parents to educate them on, and then monitor their progress towards high school graduation requirements, as well as the course requirements for the UC and CSU systems. Parental encouragement and support combined with high expectations for achievement is also a strong contributing factor.

TTUSD recently implemented the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at the middle and high school level. AVID is designed to help middle and high school students prepare for and succeed in college.

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