We maintain healthy lifestyles

Why Is This Important?

Lifestyle patterns (what you eat, exercise level, tobacco use, etc.) usually begin in childhood. Unhealthy body composition, which is the percentage of fat to muscle mass and bone, is a contributing factor to chronic disease. By maintaining an active lifestyle, eating healthfully, and avoiding substance abuse, one can dramatically reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease.

How are we doing?

Tahoe/Truckee students are more likely to have a healthy body composition when compared to Placer County and California (30.9% versus 26% and 38% respectively). However, children claiming Hispanic or Latino ethnicity tend to be approximately ten percent more likely to be in the unhealthy zone for body composition in the 5th grade (26% versus 37%). (http://www.kidsdata.org/region/1053/tahoe-truckee-joint-unified/results#cat=44&say=317&pf=1)

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