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Result: All people in Florida have optimal oral health and well-being

Why Is This Important?

“How to” guide for reading the indicator pages.

Why is this important?

Background and rationale for focusing on the indicator or result.

How will we know the result has been achieved?

The achievement of our result will be measured by progress on 3 – 5 community indicators in each focus area. The goal is to choose indicators that communicate well, are of central importance to the result and for which good data is available.


  • Depending on the indicator, an up or down direction may be good or not. For example, we want to see untreated tooth decay go down, but preventive dental care go up.
  • In addition to the direction of a trend, the current status of an indicator may or may not be at an acceptable level. For example, the number of communities with fluoridated water may be going up, but still has not reached an acceptable level that we want to see in our community.
  • Specific data charts for each headline indicator not on the Data Development Agenda are available in the Data Appendix.
  • Performance measures for statewide oral health programs will align with and contribute to improving community indicators; however, programs are accountable only for their participants’ improvements, not for community indicator improvements.

Stories behind the baseline (data):

  • Factors or causes for the baseline/data.
  • What positive factors have contributed to improving the baseline/data?

What works: Our best ideas:


What critical stakeholders do we need to address the underlying factors?

Clear Impact Suite is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform that helps your staff collaborate with external stakeholders and community partners by utilizing the combination of data collection, performance reporting, and program planning.

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