Creating an Environment with Evidence-Based Tactics in an Effort to Foster Positive Health Outcomes for Clay County for generations to come.


Priority Health Issue 1 and the related result "Creating an Environment with Evidence-Based Tactics in an Effort to Foster Positive Health Outcomes for Clay County for Generations to Come" are aligned with the following Healthy NC 2020 Focus Areas/ Objectives:

  • Reduce the cardiovascular disease mortality rate (per 100,000 population).
  • Decrease the percentage of adults with diabetes.
Experience and Importance

How would we experience chronic disease prevention and control in our community?

Clay County will experience more individuals having controlled blood pressure due to increased monitoring and increased physical activity within the community with the utilization of dirt walking trails, biking trails, recreational gym, and the walking trail at Chatuge Dam. There will be an increase of fresh produce purchased at our local farmers market. The Clay County Health Department will see an increase of clients who are attending nutrition education classes, Diabetes Prevention Program, and participation in the county wide wellness program/initiative. Clay County will see a decrease in the use of oxygen concentrators and portable tanks. Clay County will see a decrease in A1C and glucose numbers. Overall Clay County will observe positive lifestyle changes among the residents of this county. 

What information led to the selection of this health issue and related result?

Chronic Disease Prevention and Control has been a priority for the past three CHA cycles and we are slowly making strides to better the health of our community. Chronic illness is defined as an illness or disease that is not communicable and develops slowly and persists over a period of time. This priority was chosen because we know how important it is to limit the burden that chronic illness has on not only the individual but the community as a whole. In Clay County the top three leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, and lower respiratory issues) are considered chronic illnesses, and all three of these issues are ranked in the top five leading causes of death in the nation.


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