Healthy Children (Anne Arundel County)

Story Behind the Curve

The Keep a Clear Mind drug education program in the Anne Arundel County schools may have contributed to some of the decline in alcohol and substance abuse reported by the data. The Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol, working in conjunction with the Substance Abuse and Delinquency Prevention Coalition (funded by the LMB through a SAMHSA grant) have also influenced the decline in drug use, as well as the funding supplied to the West and North County substance abuse coalitions by the health department. Strengthening Families will be offered in five locations this year mirroring the needs identified in the 2015 needs assessment.

  • A.A. Co. Department of Health
  • A.A. Co. Mental Health Agency
  • A.A. Co. Public Schools
  • Coalition for Safe Communities
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Coalitions (North, South, East & West)
  • Pathways
  • Restoration Community Development Corporation
  • Kingdom Care Church
  • Centro de Ayuda
  • Hands of Hope
Strategies to improve these indicators
  • Keep a Clear Mind
  • Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol
  • Strengthening Families
Why Is This Important?

According to the Maryland Youth Behavioral Risk Survey (2013), over one quarter of Anne Arundel County youth reported alcohol use. Data by ZIP Code indicates underage drinking occurs in all of the county’s ZIP Codes with Crofton reporting the highest use and Gambrills reporting the lowest use. The majority of youth who use alcohol report that they get their alcohol from someone who gave it to them or that they gave someone money to buy it for them. Several surveys have shown that there is still a community ‘norm’ around substance abuse in the county and that some underage youth are given alcohol by their parents. According to a risk survey completed by the Coalition for Safe Communities in 2013, marijuana is the second most popular drug for Anne Arundel County youth. 14% of surveyed youth reported past 30-day use of marijuana, 2% higher than those reporting tobacco use.

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