Lifestyle Medicine

What We Do

The Lifestyle is Medicine program at Cabarrus Health Alliance has six focus areas which are: healthy eating/nutrition, physical activity, stress management, healthy relationships, sleep, and substance use treatment and cessation. Lifestyle is Medicine focuses on chronic disease management through skill-building opportunities and providing tools/ resources. By working with the clinic, Lifestyle is Medicine is able to ensure that participants receive medication for management alongside healthy lifestyle referral services. 

Who We Serve

The Lifestyle is Medicine program serves the community members that access the clinic at Cabarrus Health Alliance. Patients that are lower-income, uninsured, or have no insurance are the participants of Lifestyle is Medicine.   

How We Impact

Lifestyle is Medicine impacts patients by providing the structure and encouragement needed for people to start their own lifestyle journey. We also provide referral services to our food pharmacy, cooking classes, self-management of chronic disease classes, and walking support group. 

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