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Social Media Chronic Diseases Campaign


What Is It?

The Onslow County Health Department (OCHD) has been active in using social media to post both original social media content, as well as sharing posts from credible sources, focused on chronic disease education, awareness, programs, resources, etc. This content is shared across multiple platforms owned by OCHD in an attempt to engage with local audiences to create an educated community. 

Who We Serve

OCHD social media followers, health-minded and/or invested individuals in the agencies, as well as clients of health department services. 

Experience and Importance

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way that OCHD has been able to provide educational materials to residents. Typically, the health department utilizes traditional outreach activities and client visits to engage with community members and clients. Due to the limitations of stay-at-home orders, however, the agency had to transition to more virtual engagement activities. The health department met the community where they were in how they received their health-related information, which meant that expanding OCHD's social media precense was crucial.


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