Community Engagement

What Is It?

Community engagement may include and is not limited to, education on resources available in the community, reducing stigma, mental health first aid training, community groups, etc. 

Who We Serve

The Behavioral Health Work Group’s strategies will target adults ages 19 to 44 in the 28609 zip code (Town of Catawba), with focus on the rural community and working with churches. Of emergency department visits for anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders, 39.7% were for adults ages 19 to 44. Community members age 19 to 44 in the 28609 zip code had a higher number of emergency department visits for anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders compared to other zip codes and age groups in Catawba County. 


Experience and Importance

The Behavioral Health Work Group's action plan includes the following strategies related to community engagement. The work group recognizes the importance of focusing on evidence-based strategies. The following strategies were discussed during the whole distance exercise completed by the Behavioral Health Work Group in December 2021 and January 2022.  Action steps related to the following strategies are discussed and updated during monthly work group meetings.

Strategies: Community Engagement 

  • Resources on techniques to deal with anxiety and depressive disorders
    • An example: CRM (Community Resiliency Model)
  • Reducing behavioral health stigma
  • Education for the community on anxiety, mood, and psychotic disorders and resources available for behavioral health care
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Working with the businesses/ worksites/ workforce development
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