Behavior and Life Skill Interventions

Budget Information
Behavior and Life Skill Interventions FY22 Actual FY23 Budget FY24 Governor Recommended
Program Budget $3,209,189.00 $3,177,383.00 $3,177,383.00
(Appropriation #3480004000)
What We Do
The purpose of risk intervention services is to increase public safety by providing services which reduce the risk of an offender committing a new crime. Research demonstrates that services which adhere to risk, need and responsivity (RNR) principles have the greatest impact on reducing recidivism. The effects of services are most profound when applied to offenders who have the higher risk of recidivism and focus upon the dynamic risk factors which are correlated with the risk of recidivism, are responsive to the capacities of the offender and use evidence-based modalities with fidelity.
Who We Serve

Risk Intervention Services includes Behavior and Life Skill Interventions, Corrections Education and Vermont Correctional Industries. The data in this section are the programming component. Corrections Education and Vermont Correctional Industries are captured in subsequent sections. Criteria for mandated facility RIS programming is that offenders must have listed violent offense, be assessed moderate to high risk on a risk assessment and have adequate sentence structure to complete services. Services are comprised of evidenced based manualized curricula addressing multiple criminogenic needs and are delivered in group modality. Each curriculum is delivered in two weekly sessions in twelve-week quarters. Participants participate in two to three curricula per week for a minimum of six months.

How We Impact
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