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Risk Intervention Services: Education Services

Budget Information

Education Services FY22 Actual FY23 Budget FY24 Governor Recommended
Program Budget $3,499,271.81 $3,600,789.00 $3,831,013.00
(Appropriation #3480003000)


What We Do

The purpose of risk intervention services is to increase public safety by providing services which reduce the risk of an individual committing a new crime. Research demonstrates that services which adhere to risk, need and responsivity (RNR) principles have the greatest impact on reducing recidivism. The effects of services are most profound when applied to those who have the higher risk of recidivism and focus upon the dynamic risk factors which are correlated with the risk of recidivism, are responsive to the capacities of the offender and use evidence-based modalities with fidelity.

Who We Serve

Risk Intervention Services- Corrections Education serves incarcerated individuals with a focus on the sentenced population. Services are delivered to both voluntary students and those students identified as priority for Risk Reduction Programming who are scheduled for release from incarceration.

How We Impact

Corrections Education offers incarcerated adults the opportunity to work on developing basic and living skills necessary to be successful in the community and to develop as a learner. By working with the Risk Reduction Programming Intervention staff we assist students in learning cognitive and educational skills that address their specific criminogenic needs. Our high school program offers an accredited high school education, and our students receive the same level of diploma as their peers. Our high school program, Community High School of Vermont, meets the educational standards set by the Vermont Board of Education. For incarcerated individuals needing to brush up their skills for employment, or who are interested in getting certified with Industry Recognized Credentials, or taking a Community College of Vermont (CCV) or University of Vermont (UVM) course, we offer our workforce readiness program. Workforce Readiness is designed for students who have or are close to achieving their high school diploma and is designed to meet Vermont’s workforce needs. Working with our peers in Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) we can offer both classroom and on the job experience which is transitioning to Vocational Services.


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