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Weld Project Connect

What We Do

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Weld Project Connect (WPC) is a one-day event providing on-site health and human care services to adults and families who are in need due to household and financial insecurity, job loss, health problems and other critical life issues. While creating a welcoming environment providing actual services rather than just referrals or information, WPC hosts over 70 free services such as health screenings and medical services, immunizations, citizenship class registration, library card issuance, pet licensing, credit reports, job referrals, résumé writing assistance, podiatry services, legal counseling, documentation assistance, mental health counseling, veterans assistance, haircuts, food stamp enrollment, personal care, early child development insight and much more.  
Services vary annually based on current trends, needs identified and new programmatic initiatives. By offering all of these services in one location, people can obtain assistance quickly, at no cost and with less stress than if visiting various offices separately. Plus, during the event many guests connect with longer term care and resourcing opportunities that for months afterwards help them address health and livelihood challenges.

Who We Serve

2020-2021 People Served by Area of Weld County

  • Carbon Valley (Berthoud, Dacono, Erie, Firestone, Frederick, Longmont, Mead, Northglenn, Thornton): 1
  • County Seat (Evans, Garden City, Greeley): 508
  • Outback (Briggsdale, Grover, New Raymer): 0
  • Poudre River Corridor (Severance, Windsor): 7
  • South County (Brighton, Fort Lupton, Hudson, Keenesburg, Lochbuie): 1
  • Thompson River Valley (Johnstown, Milliken): 11
  • US-85 Corridor South (Platteville, Gilcrest, LaSalle, Kersey): 1
  • US-85 Corridor North (Eaton, Ault, Pierce, Nunn): 11
  • Outside Weld County: 11

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How We Impact

A gentleman that had not seen a medical provider in 4 years was able to get lab work done and him scheduled into the clinic for which he was very thankful.

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