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What We Do

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Weld Together provides a variety of resources designed to help nonprofits do the best job they can for those they serve.

Case Manager Trainings. While many of the case managers on staff at Weld County agencies have a formal degree in the field, others do not and can use additional training. Plus, every employee that works directly with people needs an occasional refresher course.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Trainings. Nonprofits can achieve excellence in governance, administration and fundraising. At a dedicated page on the United Way website, Weld Together offers:
• community events calendar
• job board
• resource sharing board

E-newsletters. Provided once per month, these concise offerings provide readings of interest and links to upcoming events and other resources.

Who We Serve

How We Impact

Clear Impact Suite is an easy-to-use, web-based software platform that helps your staff collaborate with external stakeholders and community partners by utilizing the combination of data collection, performance reporting, and program planning.

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