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Disaster Preparedness and Response/Weld Together

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Disaster preparedness and response has always been a function of United Way of Weld County and 2-1-1. Following September 11 and Hurricane Katrina, the United Way role in Weld County and other locales increased. When there is a disaster, 2-1-1 makes information including road closures, locations of temporary shelters, pre-evacuation areas, and much more readily available for both callers and website visitors. 2-1-1 also publishes a print and electronic guide with the most needed resources.

Additionally, United Way staff assume other disaster roles in the community including: staffing Emergency Operations Centers and Disaster Recovery Centers; coordinating in-kind donations; connecting volunteers with opportunities; accepting and facilitating the allocation of relief and recovery fund donations; facilitating the work of long-term recovery committees; and more. United Way staff attend the monthly meeting of Northeast Colorado disaster preparedness personnel, held at various locations throughout the region. Staff members also attend training drills held to prepare for disaster response. Additionally, United Way of Weld County has provided staff expertise to help with disaster response throughout Colorado and nationwide.

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