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Get Ahead Colorado Earned Income Tax Credit Initiative

What We Do

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Now known as Get Ahead Colorado and managed by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, the Piton Foundation has conducted the Tax Credits for Working Families Campaign for over 20 years. The primary goal is to increase the number of eligible families in Colorado receiving the EITC, as well as other tax credits aimed at helping lower income families. Research shows that the EITC lifts millions of families out of poverty each year. Additionally the EITC has been found to produce substantial increases in employment and reductions in welfare among single parents. Free tax preparation is also available to less affluent individuals and families.

211 Colorado has partnered on the EITC program for more than a decade. As tax season approaches, United Way of Weld County staff distribute EITC informational flyers at business and community presentations, 211 makes mention of the availability of the EITC when callers inquire about tax preparation, and 211 provides information and referral on free tax preparation sites for low to moderate income households and seniors. 211 tracks the number of calls during which it mentions the EITC and refers people to tax preparation resources. Based on this number of referrals, United Way receives reimbursement for its participation.

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