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Greeley Evans Transit Bus Pass Program

What We Do

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Residents in Greeley and Evans who are working toward self-sufficiency and financial stability and cannot afford transportation are able to receive bus passes for free from a variety of nonprofit agencies through a collaboration between the City of Greeley and United Way of Weld County. In the early 2000s, a more efficient and effective management system for bus passes that supported low-income riders was desired by the City of Greeley. At the same time, United Way was exploring ways to support increased financial stability for individuals and families.

Through this partnership, at the beginning of each year United Way receives bus passes from Greeley/Evans Transit (GET) and then distributes a beginning amount to participating agencies. Additional passes are provided either quarterly or as requested. The amount allocated is based on the prior year usage and efficiency in usage (passes given versus utilized). At the end of the year, GET and United Way determine the number of passes that will be made available for the following year.

Who We Serve

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