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Post Overdose Response Team


What We Do

In May of 2018, Onslow County established their first ever post-overdose reversal response team (Quick Response Team-QRT) to respond to and follow up with overdose patients as well as to improve the continuity of care. This team has been instrumental in establishing contact with patients who have experienced an overdose event, encouraging them to participate in treatment programs, as well as collecting data to assist in not only tracking the patient's progress but also to provide various data to EMS and OCHD.

Who We Serve

Patients who have recently overdosed, persons living in recovery, and families of individuls who have overdosed. 

How We Impact

Post Overdose Response Team must follow-up with an individual who has recently overdosed within 24 to 72 hours. This follow-up visit allows the cross-functional group to direct the indivdual and their family to treatment services, counseling services, and other prevention resources. The program also provides a great opportunity to build relationships with people who use drugs in the community and create connections that may offer a variety of wraparound health and social services, even if that connection occurs at a later time.


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