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Tobacco Prevention

What We Do

The Onslow County Health Department works collaboratively with local and state partners through various programs and initiatives to provide awareness of direct and secondhand tobacco use and how it relates to preventable morbidity and mortality. 

Who We Serve

We serve individuals in Onslow County that are interested in recieving tobacco awareness, education, programs, and other services. 

How We Impact

The Onslow County Health Department (OCHD) has engaged in numerous tobacco prevention initiatives in the community in recent years. Annually, OCHD participates in Red Ribbon Week in partnership with Onslow County schools and Community Prevention. OCHD also provides education to youth through social media campaigns on the health and safety hazards of vaping. In 2019, OCHD hosted a youth round table discussion to further educate Onslow County teens on the risks associated with vaping and tobacco use. Additionally, the organization is currently in the planning process of creating a new Tobacco Rule.


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