Swain Summits

What Is It?

Many of us in the community are working toward a healthier and happier Swain County. Together, we are trying to reduce chronic disease through health programs, like Swain Summits.  Swain Summits is a community and worksite wellness program.  Swain County Health Department aims to increase physical activity, nutrition, and mental health through worksite wellness. Why worksite wellness? We spend over 60% of our time at work and we want to help work toward a healthier and happier Swain. 

Swain Summits was identified by the Community Wellness Action Team (C-WAT) as an action in 2019, that when combined with other actions in our community, has a reasonable chance of making a difference in chronic disease in our community. 

The priority population/customers for Swain Summits are all residents in Swain County over the age of 18 years old, and Swain Summits aims to make a difference at the individual and county level. 

This addresses health disparities in the following ways:

  • Health assessments aid in connection to healthcare and provide free health screenings to the public that includes cholesterol and A1C
  • Physical activity education and challenges will be aimed to help obesity, heart disease, and diabetes 
  • Nutrition education and challenges will be aimed to decrease obesity, food insecurity, heart disease, diabetes  
  • Stress management/mental health education and challenges will be aimed to decrease obesity and heart disease

The partners for Swain Summits include:



Swain County Health Dept Lead
Great Smokies Health Foundation Support



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